About Us

We are here to help

With almost two decades in the financial industry dealing with businesses and business owners at the senior level, we understand how to engage financial institutions and the key factors that drive successful engagement. We’ll bring these to the benefit of our clients.

Why choose us

Complimentary Initial Consultation

It is essential that we can add value to your business. Whether you plan to start, buy, grow, or sell your business, we will schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to determine how we can support you. This no-obligation discovery conversation helps all parties decide whether we are a good fit.



We have significant experience dealing with businesses and their owners. Very familiar with the healthcare space and the drivers of the industry. We can align key business success factors with what you want to achieve and help plug the gap.


Our Purpose

We are aware of our purpose as an Advisory Services provider. We are driven by providing financial advisory services to businesses and helping business owners achieve their goals of financial independence, growth, and success


Our Approach

Mutual Respect

Business owners have worked hard to achieve their status. While many will assess businesses only by financial metrics, we will look at your business beyond this. We respect what you have achieved and appreciate what you are trying to accomplish. We will be transparent with what is possible as we continue the journey with you.

Well-defined Fee Structure

We will be clear about the fees for our service before we enter into any agreement. Our prices are customized to work for you and align with the value we bring you. 


Our contracts are not meant to keep you in the relationship but to define our deliverables. You can opt out of the contract at any time if it’s no longer a good fit. We want to ensure the relationship is driven by value, not consequences.

Side-by-Side with You

Depending on what you want to achieve, we will be there to have conversations on your behalf. Whether it is a difficult or discovery conversation with your financial institution or exploring new options, we will work with you to achieve a clearly defined goal

Meet the Managing Partner

Seun Ogunsola Managing Partner

Without deliberate and sustainable investment, businesses will struggle to grow. If you are out of money, you are out of business.

I saw this play out in my almost two decades in the financial industry dealing with commercial businesses and business owners at a very senior level. During this time, you find it hard to forget the few companies that struggled and lost everything they worked for and the tough conversations we had to have. In some cases, you realize their situation could have been avoided. I decided to do something about it at a point in my career.

Seun Ogunsola has worked in the financial industry in Canada for over 15 years. Prior to this, held leadership positions in the airline industry for many years. These roles gave Seun international leadership exposure as he led multi-functional and diverse global teams.

Seun is well known in the healthcare financing world. He worked directly with commercial business owners as a relationship manager before moving on to a Vice President role where he led the Alberta commercial team of a financial institution. After this, he assumed the Regional Vice President role responsible for the Private Banking team in Alberta for the same institution.

Seun is an advocate for diversity, he spends most of his spare time mentoring and coaching others.